4T Thieves

4T Thieves had a keen interest in composing music at young age. However at that time there were no tools that were easy, powerful or cheap enough until the Introduction of the Amiga. And with the Amiga came the amazing new program called Soundtracker. With four channels and the ability to play samples the sky was the limit! After realising ground breaking four channel 'modules' on the Amiga and then graduating onto Midi and hardware synths in the late 90s, now 4T uses DAW software with a minimal setup - a controller synth and a few software synthesisers.

Influences range from classic techno from Orbital to innovative radio stations like Kiss FM London and their 'Outer Limits' show which focussed on the more underground beginnings of the electronic music we hear today. Nowadays the scene has evolved into emotional and thought provoking artists like Boards of Canada and Arovane who are now key influences.

Music from 4T Thieves on Rednetic

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