Esa Juhani Ruoho is one of the main ambient electronic artists in Finland today. His first major label release, Container (deFocus, UK) was well received by critics and the electronic enthusiasts alike. He has after that had releases thru labels like Merck (Miami,US), Rikos Records (Finland), U-cover (Belgium), Inc.Us (Belgium), Zeal Records (Belgium), Psychonavigation (Ireland), New Speak Records (Sweden).

Born October 26, 1978 in Helsinki, Esa first became interested in computer music when he was 6. Some of his early favorites were the songs created for C64 games, later modules by such luminaries as Aleksi Eeben, Niko Nyman, Sami Järvinen, and others, on the Commodore Amiga. By 1994, Esa had shifted his musical interests to ambient/idm and has later on flourished as a member of the Helsinki scene, providing music for various netlabels like monotonik and kahvi.

Currently, Esa continues to release thru several international labels and explores new tracks & techniques at his flat in eastern Helsinki.

Music from Lackluster on Rednetic

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