Tommi Bass

Tommi Bass has been Professional DJ since 1988, playing at early Raves, Free Partys, Underground Clubs, Bars and V.I.P Partys.

He's spun various genres of music over the years including Modern Jazz, Raw Funk, Nothern Soul, Oldskool Electro, Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Oldskool Hip Hop, Dub, Rave Breakbeats, Jungle, Jump Up, Hardstep, Darkstep, Techstep and now his take on it all...... U.K Electro_Tek_Step.

Since 1996 he's built his own professional personal project studios and experimented with Electro, Techno and Drum&Bass production techniques..... slowly evolving his production craft and skill over the years and still DJing the sweet vinyl in small non commercial music venues up and down the U.K................. playing music that has soul whatever the genre.

He started to produce his personal style of Electro music again in early 2005, he produced the album which became Tommi Labs Volume 1 from the Electro Glitch experiments and in 2006 took his Electro sound out on the road to play at exclusive Electronica live events in Bristol and London Town.

After every gig he went back into the studio to fine tune his Electro vibe and to write more beats for future shows, experimenting and having fun with bass and beats... the results can now be heard on his myspace page.

His style of Electro is a real fusion of dance history! a lot of respect for Miami Bass pioneers like Amos Larkins II/III up to the Nuskool Electro Berlin producer Anthony Rother. He has fused his ten years experience as a Drum&Bass Producer to create a unique form of Nuskool U.K Electro that leaves the crowd in a mess on the dancefloor.

Tommi Bass moved to Berlin in September 2008 to focus on the visual art and the underground electronic scene.

Music from Tommi Bass on Rednetic

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