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Kyoto Tokyo 2001
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn003
| Released - 28 Oct 2004

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Deep Space Mining - Cyger

Deep Space Mining

Joseph Auer's debut release on rednetic recordings. The ep is a crystalline time distorting journey through the places Joe has lived, elements of Chicago house, Detroit techno, London breakbeat and Tokyo atmospheres combine into a well crafted unique landscape.


  • 01 Daybreak - Choshi City
  • 02 Shinjuku West - Tokyo
  • 03 Morning Light - Kyoto
  • 04 37 Islands - Kyoto
  • 05 Towards Tokyo
  • 06 Harajuku Rain - Tokyo
  • 07 Stations - Tokyo
  • 08 Juliana's (Juliana's Revival Mix)

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"Once again, Rednetic hit the spot with this splendid release."

"Chords and pads are simply lush, rhythms range from electro orientated to straight 4/4's, and the melodic, atmospheric nature of the music is truly a joy to behold."

"This one comes highly recommended."

Untitled Music

"Rednetic's trademark electronica continues with more cinematic mastery from Joseph Auer."

"Whether it's the title of this release or the way the stunning moods have been created it somehow feels as if it could have been created in a Japanese temple to symbolise a journey... it's intriguing nature wraps you up in its sound and unlike so many electronic releases it never over steps the mark, never alienates you and drifts alongside you, calming and soothing you as it does."

The Milk Factory

"Auer presents eight slices of classic laidback techno"

"By expertly mixing his tracks together, Auer works on the atmospheric structure of this EP all the way through and presents a very consistent piece of work. Influences are numerous but never clearly exposed, reflecting his early years spent dabbling in anything from techno and jungle to noise and trip-hop."

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"Joseph Auer explores new territories in sound, by seizing a more housey oriented and straight forward rhythm spiced up with click n cut moments. Very calm and subtle with deep bass lines, sharp glitchy patches and unexpected sounds. The dubby atmosphere and pleasant peaceful melodies are also included giving off a more delicate and contemporary impression."

"a really nice and fresh sounding release moving into the more contemporary streams. So, Rednetic keep up with the good work!"


"gorgeously endless backgrounds which I simply adore"

"The place I adored most during the excursion was 37 islands in Kyoto. I wished that this track wouldn't end"

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