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Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn007
| Released - 28 Dec 2005

Dark dense Drum & Bass and panoramic, paranoid atmospheres. Filmscapes of our time.


  • 01 Dark Cults of Evil
  • 02 Invaders
  • 03 Snowflakes
  • 04 Kages 5



"Rednetic diversify once again with another excellent release. Here we find Scorn-Fury opting to give us a dark, cinematic and beat laced piece of work which is equal parts drum & bass and Electronica."

"A solid and unusual EP that'll sit nicely but slightly differently with your Rednetic collection."

Electronic Desert

"Invaders by Scorn-Fury sees Rednetic taking a slightly different musical orientation than previously, namely down the good ol' drum and bass path."

"a classic take on drum'n'bass and given you like the way it used to sound (and apparently still can) you will not be disappointed."

"Snowflakes is excellent, with nervous and very electronic sounding elements and its perceived simplicity is just brilliant."

Read the review at (Electronic Desert Archive)


"Its dark, metallic tearing messages from that place on the horizon you've never been to. Jacked and hacked for you enjoyment."

"another good release on the Rednetic label."


"More rooted in electronic-industrial drum & bass than breakcore or punk, Scorn-Fury's Invaders presents four skuzzy, bombed-out panoramas"

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Cyclic Defrost

"The title track's fusion of spooky seventies TV samples and hardstep DNB clearly shows Scorn-Fury has his junglist skills nailed down"

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