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Out of Context
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn008
| Released - 29 Apr 2006

We are pleased to announce the debut rednetic release of Mint. Electronica with stuttering beats and atmospheres.

"Out of Context" still retains some of Mints trademark melodic subtly and astute sonic construction, but is undoubtedly a darker more techno orientated body of work.

The EP comprises seven tracks including two remixes - one a reinterpretation by the artist of Coerce and the other a hiphop inspired mix of "Out of Context" by label mate Neytoda.(Tested live at ginglik). Mint is an artist to watch out for in the coming months and this EP adds a new engaging dimension to the every growing body of work.


  • 01 Coerce
  • 02 Out of Context
  • 03 Roman Triangle
  • 04 Russian Doll
  • 05 Future Automation
  • 06 Coerce (Mint's Calcified Remix)
  • 07 Out of Context (Neytoda Premier Mix)



"we find Murray Fisher on top form"


"I came across one of the mint tracks on a recent steve lawler mix album. so when the offer to hear more was given, i was rather keen to say the least."

"a truly sublime beast that deserves more attention in these days of fickle media friendly dubstep, grime and the dreaded nu-rave micro-genres."

"A fine fine release, proving man and machine can still create ambient techno that is both forward looking and enjoyable without having to resort to gimmicks and short shelf life possibilities."

Electronic Desert

"Mint delivers eigth tracks of his trademarked high-quality sounding productions, not lacking much in the beats department and with beautiful warm melodies filled as is usually the case with any given Mint release."

"It's another excellent release on Rednetic and the first and probably not the last deliverance by Mint!
Bell 03"

Read the review at (Electronic Desert Archive)


"crispy beats, beautiful production, Electro influences and some wonderfully put together sounds and noises"

" Vintage sounds, you could say, but all the better for it. A wicked release. "

The Milk Factory

"Murray Fisher's Mint electronic tracks, like that of many other Boltfish artists (Fisher co-owns the label), are crisp, cleanly produced, atmospheric, undeniably well-crafted,"

Read the review at


"Murray Fisher's Mint electronic tracks, like that of many other Boltfish artists (Fisher co-owns the label), are crisp, cleanly produced, atmospheric, undeniably well-crafted,"

"Beyond the commonalities, however, there's a certain something that separates Mint from his stylistic brethren. Maybe it's the subtle undercurrent of menace that threads through cuts like "Roman Triangle" on his Rednetic debut that gives it a heft missing from other like-minded releases, or perhaps it's the compositional finesse he brings to the EP's five originals."

Read the review at

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