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Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn009
| Released - 14 Aug 2006

Inigo Kennedy's first release on rednetic is an inventive and compelling selection of tracks that blur the boundaries between techno, electronica and glitch.

This musical journey has a coherent techno foundation with moments reminiscent of the finest early work of Richie Hawtin, while remaining current with some beautiful glitched fragments.


  • 01 Coerce
  • 01 Passing Doorways
  • 02 Runway Dreams
  • 03 Quirky Night
  • 04 It's Complicated
  • 05 Ideas Arriving
  • 06 A Timeless State
  • 07 Faraway Towns


Leonards Lair

"Respected as both a DJ and a producer in the fields of electronic and techno music and with almost one hundred releases already to his name, Inigo Kennedy could be forgiven for taking it easy. Yet 'Transaction' is not just a new album but a consistently excellent one, which manages to convey the powers of humanity just as much as it confirms his technical expertise."

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Cyclic Defrost

"Easily one of the strongest Rednetic releases I've encountered so far, 'Transaction' shows Kennedy's emotional commitment to his work clearly seeping through on every track here."

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The Milk Factory

"a sumptuous collection of electronic pieces"

"All the way through, Kennedy assembles incredibly complex compositions yet manages to retain the melodic aspect of each piece."

"Transaction is a truly stunning collection of beautifully produced electronica which is likely to leave any admirer of the genre wanting more. Much much more."

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Electronic Desert

"this mini-album stretching seven tracks long is filled with superb production exemplifying: melodic electronic music with grit."

"Don't make the mistake, these seven tracks are as good as it gets, contemporary electronic music with warmth, bass and production reaching for the higher ground."

"What ever you do get this release immediately and you will not be disappointed!"

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"Inigo Kennedy's Techno background shines through on this release like a beacon of light... quite simply it's a brilliant bit of electronic music that covers the crunchier, more 'Electronica' side of things whilst adding in some tracks that are deep, dark 4/4 Techno of the highest quality. Wicked programming and some seiously clicked out rhythms lock horns with wonderfully atmospheric, almost sculptural, you might say, textures and layers of sound. A fabulous piece of work and at this price you really can't argue at all! Recommended."

Cold Room

"These tracks all taste very good, you can eat them even if you're not hungry anymore, and you'll probably ask for more." (Translated from French)


"Forty minutes of dreamy and melancholic music are topped by the seventh track, Faraway Towns, which simply gives me goosebumps. Overall I think it is a very mature album perfect not only in sound but content too. Although it is crystal clear electronica, the strong melodies and textures seem to talk to you with a friendly and warm human voice." (Translated from Czech)

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