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Tommi Labs Volume One
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn010
| Released - 6 Nov 2006

The long awaited and highly anticipated debut release from Tommi Bass is a journey into the vibes and flavours that have inspired the artist. Reshaping and remolding techno, electro, jazz and d&b with a subtle dose of glitch, through experiments in groove the labs have invented something unique for the 21st Century dancefloor.


  • 01 Dirty Dustronica
  • 02 Nono
  • 03 Amber
  • 04 Darkfak
  • 05 Dirty Chavette
  • 06 Drone Tone
  • 07 Very Metal
  • 08 The Kainer
  • 09 The Shocker
  • 10 London Locked Down
  • 11 Y_tronics
  • 12 Nasty Girl


Electronic Desert

"Tommi Bass gives the full 100%. It's quite traditionally sounding stuff, but modern production techniques have made wonders for the genre and one thing is impossible to miss and that is the love for the music displayed by TB. The Rednetic label continues to explore and release music and the latest release exactly fits the epithet: "The subtle marriage of the adventurous with the accessible" that was cornered by the mighty International DJ magazine." (Electronic Desert Archive)

Cold Room

"In short. A very good vintage. One thus awaits volume two with great impatience."


"DJ Tommi Bass draws from a diverse array of house, electro, drum & bass, and techno styles in concocting this relentlessly hard-hitting hour-long set. Bass modernizes his chrome-plated futurama sound by hot-wiring the tracks with android voices and layers of glitch, and boosts their sexual ambiance with orgasmic moans and sighs"

"The material's solid throughout, whether it's pulsating electro-funk ("Dirty Chavette") or steaming electro-dub ("Very Metal"). Bass is clearly well-schooled too, given how naturally the synth-heavy techno landscapes of "Nono" and "Darkfak" reference the majestic tradition of Kraftwerk-styled music-making. "

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"It's that time again for another Rednetic release and it's certainly one of the most lively CDs yet to emanate from this excellent London label."

"a bit of a dancefloor beast at heart"

"Good to dance to, great to listen to... a bit of an all round goodie. Get yerself some Tommi Bass... you won't be disappointed!"

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