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Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn013
| Released - 24 Sep 2007

Plasticine is Patscan's debut release on rednetic. Though his music is most strongly influenced by mid-nineties British IDM, techno has also been a major inspiration, particulaly in his live sets. He likes to experiment with shuffling rhythms and sharp reverberated clangs, and from the dubbed-out darkness he can often be found plucking the heartstrings with a rich melancholy melody.


  • 01 Patabula
  • 02 Tampered Breaks
  • 03 Sheen
  • 04 Slapstik
  • 05 Gargling Gravel
  • 06 Wangleberry

Rednetic releases from Patscan

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The Milk Factory

"Rounding up electrified electro, voluptuous atmospheric electronica and classic techno, Plasticine is a rather strong and elegant offering"

Read the review at

Cyclic Defrost

"beautifully intricate breakbeat contortion worthy of Mike Paradinas"

"more intriguing moments than many similarly focused full-length releases."

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"An excellent release from Zainetica's Rednetic imprint. Patscan delivers a 6-track mini album that's absolutely packed full of purist electronica quality."

" a great blend of funkiness and crunch combined with machine soul"

"Lovely purist electronica vibes all round then and a another winner from Rednetic."

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