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All The Wrong Places
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn018
| Released - 12 May 2008

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Deep Space Mining - Cyger

Deep Space Mining

This is the first rednetic release by Finnish artist Recue (Riku Annala), after his critically acclaimed "Between Stations" release on One.

This is release is limited to 100 and comes in a high quality card wallet, it also contains 2 remixes, the first by Bad Loop and the second by Eero Johannes who has just signed to Planet Mu.


  • 01 Gbliss
  • 02 Korento
  • 03 Bivouac
  • 04 Kalmacty
  • 05 Kasvoton
  • 06 Badhairday
  • 07 Savant
  • 08 Savant (Bad Loop Remix)
  • 09 Himanka (Eero Johannes Remix)

Rednetic releases from Recue

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Cyclic Defrost

"glittering melodic pads reminiscent of The Black Dog"

"Easily one of the best releases I've heard on Rednetic so far."

Read the review at


"subtle yet emotive melodies buried in the undergrowth of cohesive percussion"


"A superb release from London-based Rednetic"

"the amount of cool beats, lush chords and dense sounds that have been crammed into this beauty of a CD is remarkable"

"Brilliant stuff really."


"Riku Annala is no slouch when it comes to crafting emotive electronica."

"Elements of funk, ambient, and of course IDM dominate, and there's enough wide-screen atmosphere, melodic sparkle, and clanking machine beats to keep the neighbourhood electronic devotee more than satisfied."

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Ambient Library

"Riku Annala, really has a great grasp on tonalities and full spectrum of sound."


"I fell in love with All The Wrong Places..."

Web monkey

"This is a superb album of quality IDM, it has a great amount of detail and movement. Highly recommended. I love it i want more from Recue."

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