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Ad Infinitum
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn020
| Released - 23 Mar 2009

Current release

Deep Space Mining - Cyger

Deep Space Mining

An album of beautiful high grade poignant compositions. Lush atmospheres and the quality of the understated craft makes this a Classic ambient Electronica. With elements of dub and even classical added to the mix, this is a poetic journey.


  • 01 Cells
  • 02 Quibtone Frame
  • 03 Slow Down
  • 04 Step Above the Surface
  • 05 Behind the Scenes
  • 06 Decisions of Despair
  • 07 Knock Twice
  • 08 Landscape
  • 09 Liquid Shock

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Infinite Scale


Arrhythmia Sound

"absolutely album of year"

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"brilliantly well-crafted; a seamless and rather beautiful journey"

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Organic Kloud

"all that you love in IDM encapsulated in one album"

"the best album in this genre in 2009 so far."


"earmarked as a contender for 2009's Top lists."

Chroniques Electroniques

"Infinite Scale delivers a superb album in the purest ambient tradition"

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"Quite simply this is one of the finest slices of pure electronica that I've heard for some time."

"It's just a very, very good album indeed and I strongly recommend you check it out as soon as possible. Outstanding."

Leonard's Lair

"With 'Ad Infinitum', Infinite Scale has succeeded where so many other ambient/electronica performers have failed and produced a consistently impressive album."

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The Milk Factory

"Of course, the field of gentle melodic electronica occupied by Infinite Scale is a pretty packed and, all too often, formulaic one. But, far from contenting himself with aimlessly reproducing textures and ambiences with no personal investment, Harmi Palda pushes, with Ad Infinitum, further into territories which he occupies and controls pretty much on his own."

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"Ad Infinitum is high-grade electronica of the classic and refined kind."

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