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Nu Age
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn021
| Released - 27 Jul 2009

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Deep Space Mining - Cyger

Deep Space Mining

One of the founders of Rednetic returns with a stunning new album. Since his first release on Rednetic in 2004 Joseph Auer has released albums and EPs on many labels including U-Cover, Smallfish, Boltfish and Symbolic Interaction to much critical acclaim. Once again the new album does not disappoint fans of his sound, its classic laid back techno, soaked in the history of the Detroit and Chicago sound.

This beautiful album in no way could be mistaken for minimal, this is lush layered maximal techno of the finest quality, born from pure craftsmanship and a genuine love for the music.


  • 01 Warsaw Dawn
  • 02 Awake into a New World
  • 03 Circuits
  • 04 Doppler Effect Shift
  • 05 Visions of Tokyo
  • 06 Circe
  • 07 Nu Age
  • 08 Scattered Satellites (Remix)
  • 09 Teleport
  • 10 Human Mechanics
  • 11 Love Always

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Joseph Auer



"Just a magic piece of work and a big recommendation from me. Gorgeous techno all round."

The Milk Factory

"Auer showcases here his warm and clean sound and taste for smooth yet powerful beats"

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"New Age is so smooth and mellow that it could well appeal to the ambient techno crowd."


"Seventy-six minutes of widescreen, iridescent music dressed up in the pristine, gleaming textures of classic Detroit techno"

"Auer's music is about the beauty of instrumental techno full stop, and the material's uplifting spirit exemplifies the sincere affection the Chicago-born producer has for the genre. Calling Nu Age lush hardly does justice to the music's vibrancy but it's a start."

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Chroniques Electroniques

"techno that spreads like a soft breeze on the neck of the listener."

"Joseph Auer delivers his best album in a long time."

"A great album, with no doubt."

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Cyclic Defrost

"an album well worth exploring"

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