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On the Banks of the Arakawa
Format - CD / Digital
| Cat No - rn025
| Released - 10 Mar 2014

The Arakawa River is one of the principal rivers flowing through Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. It originates on Mount Kobushi in Saitama Prefecture, and finally exits into Tokyo Bay.

Inspired by Move D's mid/late ambient works, Susumu Yokota's early Leaf label ambient releases like Sakura, William Burroughs, Laurie Anderson and Ryuichi Sakamoto's Solitude suite. This Tokyo Isolation Chamber release is an attempt to give an impression of the deep nocturnal sounds of the industrial heartland within the Tokyo metropolitan region.

"It is a subjective subconscious journey from Tokyo Station where salarymen hurry to catch the last trains home; across the Sumeida River into the southern Koto industrial warehouses leading further to industrial bridges that crossover the wide mouth of the Arakawa river. Then, as daybreak begins, the rhythms of life circulate anew as I walk less alone across the banks of the Arakawa River." Joseph Auer.


  • 01 Lights On The Arakawa
  • 02 Disappearing World
  • 03 Transfixed
  • 04 Silent Hymn Of The Salarymen
  • 05 Zen Garden
  • 06 Senkawa Night
  • 07 Variation In Grey
  • 08 Tethered
  • 09 Forget Eternity
  • 10 Appearing World
  • 11 Neon Dissadents



"Auer and company have created something fresh and original by augmenting their music's heavily synthetic soundworld with the crystalline textures of the guitar."

"Adding to its appeal, there's a sense of unpredictability about it, with one never knowing where exactly the next track will lead or in which stylistic garb it will present itself."

"It's certainly adventurous in its own way, but easy to warm up to as well."

The Sunday Experience

"star snoozed ambient swathes" On the Banks of the Arakawa

"'silent hymn of the salary men' in particular is sumptuously traced with the calming charm of yellow magic orchestra."

"throughout there's the genteel but irrefutable whisper of Ryuichi Sakamoto silkily smudged between the grooves"

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The CD Critic

"wonderfully rich and beautiful ambient experience, featuring wonderful whirls and swirls of instrumental bliss"

"'On The Banks Of The Arakawa' wonderfully blends together in brilliant harmony the relaxing nature of ambient composition, with the excitement and character of electronica technique."

"It seems to be a very interesting project that Jospeh Auer has opted for, and one that we can only hope we see more of in the future."


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