Deep Space Mining - Cyger
rn030 | CD / Digital | 03 Apr 2017


Deep Space Mining


Rednetic's Series of 3" Techno CDs and a release a while ago of Inigo Kennedy's Transaction, means that we have always loved and supported great Techno. This new project finds 2 artists with previous releases on Rednetic, Uncharted Audio and Touched presenting us live sessions of pure Techno.

It's an old-school minimal all-hardware approach. No laptop, no software. Never the same twice. A live recording of a session created from Langer's hand build analogue synth and a Korg ElecTribe SX (ESX-1). Deep, Dark, Dubby Machine Music for industrial expeditions.

Also keep your ears open for tracks by Cyan341 and Langer as well as Cyger on the forthcoming compilation on Ambidextrous Recordings, alongside artists such as Norken and Mick Chillage.

Check Cyger's recent live session on Ship Full of Bombs Radio here.

Deep Space Mining - Available as a Limited Edition CD and digitally.

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