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Picture of Nothing
Format - 3" CD / Digital
| Cat No - rnls003
| Released - 16 Mar 2009

Continuing our release of quality Techno, Komponente is the third in our series.

This EP contains 3 versions of Picture of Nothing, each with a distinct sound of their own, from the deep dub techno original version to the cavernous Dub heavy Martin Schulte mix, to the sublime serene techno of the Waveform mix. This release extends the scope of the rednetic 3" techno series. Limited to 100 copies. Also available as a digital download from rednetic.


  • 01 Picture of Nothing (Original Mix)
  • 02 Picture of Nothing (Martin Schulte Dub Version)
  • 03 Picture of Nothing (Waveform Remix)



"Another episode in the really quite excellent 3" CDr series from Rednetic and it's another doozy I have to say."

"This is class and as they're limited to 100 you'll want to get in there pretty quick smart I'd reckon. Recommended."


"The third and fourth installments, dub-techno outings by Komponente and Martin Schulte respectively, provide a solid impression of the series' appeal."

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Cyclic Defrost

"Fans of the likes of Basic Channel, Vadislav Delay and Pole will no doubt love this, and with the physical CDR run limited to just 100 copies, it's worth moving quickly."

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Tuning Into The Obscure

"what struck me about this, despite how short 3" EPs tend to be, is the amount of depth presented."

"when it’s done right, as it is here, I find myself enthralled completely."

"This release features a superb balance between deep minimal electronic music, techno and dub without any one aspect drowning out the other. It’s so good that it makes me wonder why it hasn’t gotten the attention other releases in the same genre/field have enjoyed."

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