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Far Away
Format - 3" CD / Digital
| Cat No - rnls004
| Released - 10 Apr 2009

Martin Schulte's "Far Away" arrives with the growing reputation of this series of releases. With calls for the series to be pressed on vinyl and other very favorable comparisons with echospace from fans emailing the label. I am delighted to announce the fourth in our Techno series. This CD contains a range of moods in its too short 20 minutes, building towards the epic Lunar Empire. It was this track that made me take notice of Martin Schulte's quality music and the other 3 tracks are equal to this. Some almost ambient in their construction, with only hints of Dub and Techno, they all successfully evoke the moods and places of their names. This is an essential addition to this collection.


  • 01 Seaside
  • 02 Road
  • 03 Clouds
  • 04 Lunar Empire

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"another top quality slice of work"

"Cracking stuff from beginning to end and another reason to dig this great London-based label. If you're into the deep end of techno this is a bit of a must I would say. Recommended."

Alternating Bit - Discogs

"With limited numbers, snatch this up while you can or you'll regret it."

"Excellent release"


"Schulte's material (which would sound fabulous on vinyl) is obviously tailor-made for those who like their techno deep and dubby."

Read the review at

Cyclic Defrost

"Finally, the epic 'Lunar Empire' offers up the real centrepiece of this EP, sending cut-up, eerie vocal samples rippling through a bass-heavy techno backdrop of tight snares and airy hi-hats, the smeared-out jangling keyboards colliding with some stretched vocal samples in a manner that beautifully draws out the dark soul undertones beneath."

"An excellent EP from Martin Schulte that's also easily the most immediately dancefloor-friendly release I've heard to date from Rednetic"

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