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Textures from Berlin
Format - 3" CD / Digital
| Cat No - rnls006
| Released - 31 Oct 2009

After the minimal dance-floor supremos and a number of critically acclaimed tracks and EPs on labels such as Documenti Sonori, Multipraktik, Seta and his recent Gamma release on rednetic, Tommi Bass gives us a slice of something more cerebral in collaboration with BBSC of Berlin. The "Textures" from the title of this release can be found in the sound recordings made around Berlin weaved into the structures of the music. Based on the backbone of his unique minimal style the tracks widened out his palette of tones and textures, more expansive than Gamma yet retaining the same craft and quality in production.

Praise for Gamma

"Mr. Bass has infused his music with enough idiosyncrasies to make it a thoroughly listenable hour of sophisticated
electronic music." Leonards Lair

"Gamma is a record with many more facets than it originally lets on, making it as much a record designed for the brain
as it is for the feet." The Milkfactory


  • 01 Bronze 1
  • 02 Bronze 2
  • 03 Bronze 3


Losing Today

"Tommi Bass and BBSC 'Textures from Berlin' (rednetic). Another of those essential packages from those electro gurus over at Rednetic Recordings."

"'textures of Berlin' could well prove to be the series' best moment to date"

Leonard's Lair

"its limited timespan, its depiction of Berlin is nightmarish, exciting and beguiling all at once."

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"The release's concept works nicely to Bass's advantage by adding an expansive textural dimension to rhythm-based tracks that, in his hands, are typically skeletal by nature."

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"Tommi Bass brings us an EP that takes his penchant for minimal techno and adds in a considerably more soundscape orientated feel to the chords and atmospheres."

"I have to say this is my favourite release so far from Tommi Bass and as it's another limited edition of 100 copies I'd strongly recommend getting in there. Quality vibes."

Cyclic Defrost

"Excellent stuff for those who like their minimal techno dark and doomy – but move fast, as there’s only a ridiculously limited 100 copies available."

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