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Format - 3" CD / Digital
| Cat No - rnls009
| Released - 5th Dec 2009

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Deep Space Mining - Cyger

Deep Space Mining

Damon McU is a techno producer from Budapest/Orosháza, Hungary. He plays live and DJs techno/ hardstyle/minimal. This release takes rednetic in a harder direction than any cds in this series so far. Although the techno is hard and pretty direct it still retains a uniqueness that allows it to sit well with all the other releases in the series so far.


  • 01 Earth
  • 02 Shut Up
  • 03 Senses
  • 04 Darkest

Rednetic releases from Damon McU

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Damon McU



"Rednetic's techno offshoot imprint blasts full steam ahead with yet another 3" release here. But be warned that this is at the more aggressive, looped up end of the techno spectrum and features some absolutely gnarly tracks all the way"

"Four to the floor, full of depth and heftiness - a techno EP of some substance and good to hear something from the darker side. Nicely done."


"Damon McU's Senses takes no prisoners in its harder-edged slam."

"think Tresor-styled techno jacked up with a dozen testosterone injections and you're in the right ballpark"

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Cyclic Defrost

"'Senses' represents a decidedly harder direction for Rednetic's limited 3" CDR series, veering away from more minimal techno styles towards darker, hardstyle-tinged aggression."

"While this latest volume represents a very different taste to what listeners of previous instalments in Rednetic's 3" CDR series will no doubt be expecting, the quality level remains consistently high."

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