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Greyhound Park
Format - 3" CD / Digital
| Cat No - rnma001
| Released - 16 Jul 2009

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Deep Space Mining


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Cyclic Defrost

"One of the most unexpectedly delightful ambient treats I've heard for quite a while"

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The Sound Projector

"His ruminations on the ravages of time are expressed by the few moments of sad music at the end of the piece, which are a riposte to the banal murmurings of the sedated shoppers going about their business."

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"Beginning this endeavour is the most excellent Hybernation (Stuart Bowditch) with a fascinating filed recording based piece that explores the mundanity of a shopping centre that used to have a far more interesting history. "

"What I like is the way the recording, which has been left virtually untouched for the most part, captures the true ordinariness of the day to day dealings of the shops with people either not knowing or not remembering what used to be where they’re doing their weekly shop."

"All this from a 20 minute field recording that gently fades into an ambient electronica section at the end, bringing to a close a thought-provoking and extremely satisfying release from Rednetic. Bravo to both artist and label."

The Sunday Experience

"Capturing segments of conversation, the continual sound of trundling shopping trolleys, traffic and children chatter its provides for a unique document of everyday ordinary life of an urban district and its shopping mall ambience captured for posterity that only shifts in perspective 14 minutes with the appearance of a delicately hollowed and introspective noir tweaked key motif, all dusty and dainty and just a tad sleepy headed."

"Strange stuff indeed."

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