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Format - Digital
| Cat No - rnt001
| Released - 18 November 2016

The elusive London artist is back with 6 tracks of hazy melancholic techno, a future imagined through the dusty lens of the past. Otodama comes from the Japanese words Oto - sound and Dama - spirit/soul, and is inspired by the concept of Kotodama.

Kotdama is the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names. The notion of kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically affect objects, and that ritual word usages can influence our environment, body, mind, and soul.

The release retains a hazy warm production style throughout. The Dub of DubTechno has been stripped back to its essential elements of feedback and reverb, blue chords and muffled hazy melodies, a counterpoint to bone dry rhythm construction. An enigmatic journey with a very human soul.


  • 01 Reflections
  • 02 Storm
  • 03 Advance
  • 04 Ritual
  • 05 Solitude
  • 06 Automatic

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